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Welcome: Hunan Minstrong Technology Co., Ltd
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Moisture Absorber Drying Agent Desiccant

  • Hopcalite Desiccant Drying Agent
  • Hopcalite Desiccant Drying Agent
  • Hopcalite Desiccant Drying Agent
Hopcalite Desiccant Drying AgentHopcalite Desiccant Drying AgentHopcalite Desiccant Drying Agent

Hopcalite Desiccant Drying Agent

  • Hopcalite Desiccant Drying Agent Factory
  • Competitive price
  • High performance
  • Moisture absorber
  • Product description: Miinstrong Technology, Hopcalite Desiccant Drying Agent factory supplier

Hopcalite Desiccant Drying Agent:

Hopcalite under high moisture environment, it will get poisoned and degrade catalytic performance. So if the application environment has high moisture, we need use drying agent first. The main content of drying agent is activated carbon, lithium bromide and calcium chloride.

Minstrong Hopcalite Desiccant advantages:

1)  No corrosive
2)  No water droplets on the outside of drying agent, low gas resistance
3) lighter weight compared with the same volume of other desiccant
4) longer drying time, better drying performance

Hopcalite Desiccant Drying Agent Packing & Delivery:

General Packing: 40KG in iron barrel with plastic lining on pallet

Packing based on user's needs.

For quantity below 2 tons, we can  deliver the hopcalite catalyst within 7 days.

Shipping Port: Guangzhou/Shanghai/other port as request

Air transportation and ocean transporation are available.

Hopcalite Desiccant Drying Agent Catalyst Sample:

In order to help you know our products better, our factory would like to offer free sample by express air courier after mutual communication.

Hopcalite Desiccant Drying Agent Price:

Hopcalite  desiccant price varies from different types, application and technical data, the price range is about 5.2 USD/KG.Please contact our sales for detailed and newest price.

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